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Achieving Lubricant Health and Cleanliness to Maximize Performance
Bag Elements
Bag filters are excellent pre-filtration solutions to catch large, harmful particulates that would otherwise damage or quickly plug primary filters.
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Bypass Units
The RMF Bypass Units are especially designed for mobile application in hydraulic and/or transmission systems.
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Compact Laser Particle Counter
A compact, lightweight and budget-friendly particle counter featuring twin laser technology for accurate insight into oil cleanliness levels in your equipment.
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The VariPure is the most advanced filter trolley for clean oil transfer and off-line filtration of hydraulic and lubricating fluids. It is the perfect solution for quick flushing and hydraulic systems with different viscosities, making it a highly flexible unit.
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Oil Sight Glass Level Monitor
The Oil Sight Glass Level Monitor (OSGL) allows you to view oil color, clarity and accumulation of water or other contaminants while monitoring the level of the oil in the reservoir. It is available in multiple lengths ranging from 3″ to 24″ to correspond to the distance from the oil reservoir access port and the maximum height the oil will reach. A dual port version is available with a second 3/8″ NPT port opposite the installation nipple to allow the installation of a sampling tube to draw representative oil samples without pulling outside contaminants.
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Extreme Duty Breathers
The Des-Case Extreme Duty (XD) desiccant breather has excellent vibration and impact resistance, can withstand broad temperature ranges, has expansive chemical compatibility, and features quality check valve technology while still accommodating higher air flow. The Extreme Duty breather also has the best filter efficiency of any Des-Case breather―down to 0.3µ absolute (β0.3≥200).
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Portable Laser Particle Counter
Fluid analysis is a crucial component of any oil management program. Early detection of potential problems can prevent costly repairs and downtime. The Portable Laser Particle Counter makes it possible to detect the ISO Cleanliness levels of the hydraulic media. The Portable Laser Particle Counter is available in different versions.
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Giant Off-Line Unit
The Giant Off-Line Unit is also known as ‘The Giant’. The Giant’s filter housing is combined with a pump motor group and an electrical control box. This is an easy to use plug-and-play filter solution. It only requires electrical power, suction and return lines.
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HydroGuard® Breathers
Des-Case HydroGuard® breathers uniquely feature an expansion chamber and internal check valves that create a nearly-sealed system. Designed specifically for steady-state operations with minimal temperature fluctuations, these breathers provide excellent protection in continuous duty applications.
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ACM / ACL Series Breathers
The ACM / ACL Series is suitable for mobile and industrial applications because of its lightweight, rugged body. This series is fully serviceable and offers a high dirt holding capacity.
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TC Series T Stand
The TC Series T-Stands represent the highest quality and most rugged systems available for dedicated filtration of all types of industrial oils. These heavy-duty systems are capable of removing particles and/or free water from all types of oil—even high viscosity gear oils—and are designed for years of dependable service.

TC Series T-Stands are ideal for large reservoirs with high flow rates. With canisters that can accommodate multiple filter types such as microfiberglass drop-in filters, depth filters and bag filters, the TC Series T-Stands can remove everything from large particles and debris, sludge, varnish, and water contamination.
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Moisture Content Sensor
The moisture content sensor (MCS) is suitable for most hydraulic and lubricating fluids. The high accuracy of the measurement and excellent long-term stability make the MCS ideal for online monitoring of moisture in transformer, lubricating and hydraulic fluid, as well as diesel fuel. The MCS is perfectly suitable for long term usage in moisture levels, higher than 90% RH. Making it the perfect solution for gearboxes, thrusters and other applications where free water is a threat. By combining the MCS with other RMF products like a Condition Monitoring Center and vacuum dehydration unit, we offer you the optimal solution for your water contamination problems.
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