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Achieving Lubricant Health and Cleanliness to Maximize Performance
Mobile Equipment Kits
The Des-Case mobile equipment kits provide filtration with depth media for a constant contamination control solution at very low ISO cleanliness levels. Investing in preventative measures to keep dust, dirt, debris and water out of engine or hydraulic oils can help your mobile equipment run at peak capacity.
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KL Series Breathers
The KL series desiccant breathers are well suited for vibration and harsh environments, while also providing serviceability and high dirt holding capacity.
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TDB Series Breathers
The TDB series is equipped to function in the harshest environments. It is fully serviceable, provides high dirt holding capacity, and includes an integrated anti-splash device to prevent oil from reaching the desiccant.
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Rebuildable Steel Breathers
Des-Case Rebuildable Steel (RS) breathers were designed specifically for applications, such as bulk storage tanks or large circulating lube oil systems, where there are very high temperatures, extremely polluted air, or a corrosive environment. They are ruggedly designed, with housings of powder-coated carbon steel or stainless steel. The hygroscopic agent (desiccant) is enclosed in a bag of polypropylene filter material. This desiccant bag filter is easily installed when it is time to replace or recharge the unit. The 1-micron pleated filter has a large surface area, resulting in long service life. Like the bag filter, it is easily replaced without removing the breather from service. Rebuildable Steel breathers accommodate large air flow rates with minimal pressure drops.
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Non-Desiccant Breathers
Des-Case Non-Desiccant breathers prevent contamination ingress in low humidity environments or in applications where water-based fluids are in use (e.g. water glycol hydraulic fluid). They help to prevent contamination by preventing free water as well as particles down to 1 micron from getting into the reservoir.
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Connected Breathers
Take a proactive approach to water ingression with the market’s first connected and most accurate breather. Unlike any other breather on the market, our connected breathers eliminate the subjectivity of color-changing desiccant media. Our patent pending IsoLogic® Sensor Technology provides a precise measurement of your breather’s life to eliminate replacing a breather too late or too soon.

• Shorten time-consuming, scheduled lube routes by collecting data on multiple breathers at the same time.
• Decrease the risk of workplace injuries by monitoring breathers installed on remote or hard-to-access equipment.
• View all breather statuses and trend data on the web platform from anywhere, anytime. All you need is the internet.
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