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DES-CASE Visual Analysis Systems

Monitor the health and level of your lubricants with Des-Case Visual Oil Analysis products.
3-D BullsEye®
The 3-D BullsEye, is an oil sight glass made of a high performance transparent polyamide, allows immediate and accurate visual oil level monitoring from virtually any angle. Engineered to outperform and outlast traditional viewports, the inherently strong material provides excellent impact, chemical and UV resistance.
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Oil Tank Sight Glasses
Often referred to as BS&W bowl (bottom sediment and water bowl), our Oil Sight Glass (OSG) can play a critical role in early detection of contamination and allow for constant monitoring of what’s in your oil that can decrease equipment life. Users have an immediate, crystal-clear visual inspection of the oil and a magnified view of the presence of sediment, thanks to an innovative white bottom design. The OSG has the versatility to be installed vertically or horizontally to a drain port depending on space needs for the application. With the addition of indication marks on the side of the bottle, you can quickly and easily monitor the rate of water accumulation. According to the latest API 610 standard (12th edition, January 2021) the use of a BS&W bowl is now recommended for wet sump oil lubricated pumps to detect the presence of water and other gross contamination.
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Oil Level Gauge Indicators
The Oil Level Indicator (OLI) was developed in response to the need of maintenance professionals to gauge the oil level inside large tanks, gearboxes and reservoirs. The OLI is a clear high performance polyamide column with 1/2″ NPT threads at each end. Red and green level marker stickers are included with the OLI to mark upper and lower limits, or to designate running oil level and idle oil level. Utilizing the drain port, operators can visually monitor the fluid level within reservoirs.

* Stainless steel fittings and breather cap sold separately.
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Oil Sight Glass Level Monitor
The Oil Sight Glass Level Monitor (OSGL) allows you to view oil color, clarity and accumulation of water or other contaminants while monitoring the level of the oil in the reservoir. It is available in multiple lengths ranging from 3″ to 24″ to correspond to the distance from the oil reservoir access port and the maximum height the oil will reach. A dual port version is available with a second 3/8″ NPT port opposite the installation nipple to allow the installation of a sampling tube to draw representative oil samples without pulling outside contaminants.
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