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History of Company

PT. Sinarmentari Indoprima was founded on April 1994 with the basis as industrial high performance lubrication consultant. The vision is to provide industrial lubrication needs as well as providing excellent after sales service including data collection and data analysis. We work closely with our customers to ensure that we collect the most updated data to be analysed in order to provide the best solution for your business needs. Since 1997, PT. Sinarmentari Indoprima has become the sole distributor for CASTROL High Performance Lubricant (HPL Division) for Indonesia territory. This vision now brought this company to expand more to a broader extend in which we now provide many industrial maintenance solutions. The products are now ranging from High Performance Lubrication, high performance filtration system and automatic lubrication system.

Now, we have acted as the sole distributor for Indonesia territory for all of our product range which includes :
  • Castrol (High Performance Lubricants Division)
  • One Eye Industries (Magnetic Filtration System)
  • CJC (Oil Filtration System)
  • perma (Automatic Lubrication System)

To this day, PT. Sinarmentari Indoprima is still expanding and aiming to become the leading industrial maintenance solution provider in Indonesia which works together with our customer to provide a better outcome, higher efficiency, higher productivity and save the cost for our customers.
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