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DES-CASE Desiccant Breathers

VentGuard™ Desiccant Series Breathers

Des-Case VentGuard™ breathers have check-valve technology that isolates the system and only ‘breathes’ when necessary, making them an ideal solution to protect low-flow applications with intermittent operations. Check valves provide slight system pressurization that allows for controlled breathing without excessive pressure build-up. The system breathes only when pressured to do so, and then the air is cleaned and dried before it is introduced into the system, ensuring a clean, dry headspace. This control mechanism also prevents premature saturation of the silica gel and extends breather life, a problem not as easily tackled by standard desiccant breathers exposed to extreme moisture.
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• Intermittent Operations
• Gearboxes
• Low-Flow Applications
• High-Humidity
• Washdown


Model lineup:
• DC-VG-1
• DC-VG-2
• DC-VG-3
• DC-VG-4

1. Domed Cap
A domed cap allows for better washdown runoff.

2. Integrated Nylon Standpipe
The integrated standpipe provides excellent vibration resistance and dissipates impact throughout the unit, eliminating weak points. It also allows even airflow distribution throughout the unit, eliminating inaccurate readings of desiccant saturation.

3. External Ribs
External ribs on shell to create greater durability and grip when installing or replacing breather.

4. Integrated Drip Ring
An integrated drip ring keeps shedding water from entering the vent holes.

5. Threaded Mounting
Easily replaces standard filler/breather cap with multi-fit connection or one of several adapters.

6. Larger, High-Capacity Check Valves
High-capacity check valves allow for increased airflow at low cracking pressure.

7. Filter Element
Polyester filter element removes airborne contamination to 3-micron absolute. Unique loops allow particles to release during system exhalation, helping to increase breather life.

8. Enhanced Seal
An enhanced seal eliminates potential for airflow bypass.

DES-CASE Desiccant Breathers VentGuard™ Desiccant Series Breathers
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